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We are manufacturing and marketing company, "Shubham" brands enjoy a strong presence around the country.
We have a presence world wide. We are capable of delivering the best and the highest quality product at a competitive price.
Quality first- It means that quality is the priority in all functions of our organization. The quality control process starts from the right selection of raw materials and extended throughout the manufacturing and administration process

History Of Incense

The oldest source of incense is the Vedas, specifically, the Atharva-veda and Rigveda. Incense burning was used for both to create pleasing aromas and as a medicinal tool. Its use in medicine is considered the first phase of Ayurveda, which uses incense as an approach to healing. Hence, a uniform and codified system of incense-making first began in India..

Incense purifies the atmosphere like havan fire. But it works through the power of fragrance which is not so much the mainstay of Vedic ritual as the domain of flowers that have deep spiritual connotations in Hindu philosophy. Incense brands are often named after flowers. Because fragrance purifies the physical environment, the individual feels that, as part of the environment, he is also being purified. Psychologically, he reads a basic physical purification as a spiritual one. In the process, the person transfers himself into another world where meditation is easier.