Our Products

Incense Sticks

Few of the Incense Sticks products are Surya, Divine, Frank N Myrrh, 7 Powers, Nag Champa, Meditation, Blue Nile, Loban, Guggal, Oud etc.

Dhoop Sticks

Dhoop Sticks products such as Indian Heritage, Indian Sandalwood, RedRose Etc etc

Room / Car Fresher

Room/ Car Fresher - Alcohol FREE(30 ml)products like Frank, Nag Champa, Exotic, Oud, Sandalwood etc

Pooja Thali

A Complete package with all material required for pooja .


All types of stands with different shapes and size (Metals, Soil, Plastic etc.


Special product can be designed and delivered as per requirement


Our Presence is in almost all parts of the world.

Mosquito INcense Stick

Natural Mosquito repellent sticks with 100% result.

Natural masala incense sticks

Top Quality Masala Batti with soothing smell and less smoke.